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A Little about Baureo Concepts

We develop and operate unique and innovative concepts in the field of Internet and New Media

We help companies develop and implement e-business strategies

Baureo BV develops and operates unique and innovative concepts in the field of Internet and New Media. We think in concepts and business cases. New business ideas are continuously being developed into a workable e-business model. Are you looking for an e-business concept? Or do you have an idea and need it worked out into viable concept? Baureo can help. We create awareness and help companies develop and implement strategies for e-business. We help understand the issues and challenges that e-commerce strategies and applications present. We (help you) develop your (mobile) webapplication or cloud platform.

We make the difference between success and failure

When you are looking to start a new e-business venture, it is essential that you not only have a good business idea ready, but you must also explore that idea to determine whether it will be a viable one. There are so many opportunities for a person to move forward with a start-up business idea and see their way though to success. But without proper forethought on the business idea, success may be harder to come by. While there is no single way to evaluate an idea, there are some things everyone should consider when starting the process. Baureo has the tools, the experience and the ideas which makes the difference between success and failure.

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Smsafzeggen.nl biedt een overzicht van vrijwel alle smsdiensten in Nederland
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Sociobux Crowdearning
Sociobux Crowdearning
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